Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome, Welcome!

So it's the new year (and new decade... whoa!) and I've just made my 2010 New Year's Goals and Resolutions - one of them included starting a blog.

As you will - or may already have - read in my "All about Cammi" section, I'm an aspiring event and wedding planner looking to get my feet wet in the industry. I currently work for the fuel industry doing data entry and problem solving (I have nothing to do with the price of gas, so PLEASE don't be mad at me - it angers me as much as the rest of America!) In addition to working there full-time, I intern part-time at an event planning company in St. Paul.

I currently live with my boyfriend and our dog, Pebbles, in a townhouse in a suburb of Minneapolis. We are currently house-hunting - I'm hoping we find a good one soon so that we (well, I) can start to put our own decorative spin on the place! I dream of the day of decorating my own office, spare room, living room - well everyone room really! I've recently taken up scrapbooking, which I absolutely love. That hobby goes great with my love for taking pictures (another hobby I'm looking to get into on a more creative level). I also love reading - whether it be fiction, magazines (fashion, DIY, crafts, decorating, etc.), biographies, event and wedding planning magazines, etc.

I hope everyone enjoys learning more about what I find interesting, intriguing and inspirational. I'd love to hear from everyone with other ideas and love finding new blogs and web sites to visit when it comes to the industry.

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