Monday, January 25, 2010

Help in Finding a Cure

My family and I found out (well, got confirmation) that my grandma on my mom's side has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is a type of cancer that affects ones plasma, blood cells and bone marrow, as I understand it. While we're still unsure of the stage of the cancer, it's come as a big shock to my family. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless to try and help the ones you love. When I heard the news, I instantly began to think of ways that I could help out with this disease that's hurting my grandma - I've gotten as far as holding my own fundraiser (which seems like a good idea, but not sure I'll have the time to do it all on my own), purchasing wristbands and selling them to friends and coworkers, participating in the marathon being held in October (October in Minnesota can be sketchy... and I must admit I'm in NO shape to be running a marathon anytime soon... even with 9 months of training, that might be pushing it!) and creating something of my own and trying to sell it... however, what that creation would be, I haven't a clue - my creative juices aren't flowing the way they normally would because I'm still in shock (I haven't had to deal with friends or family being diagnosed with cancer). What I could do right now was start looking up products that are being sold to benefit cancer research, specifically Multiple Myeloma. While I'm already trying to come up with ways that I myself can help (partially to relieve my creative ability), looking up what other people have done adds great inspiration! So I hope you enjoy the Multiple Myeloma items I've picked out - stop by the Cafe Press and Choose Hope web sites and find something that supports your loved ones who have been diagnosed cancer or other illnesses - they have a great selection! I will post any creative ideas I've come up with to help the fight against all cancers when those brainwaves start working again!


  1. Sorry to hear this news. Good luck with the marathon - you can do it! (Coming from someone who can barely run a mile...)

  2. so sorry to hear about your grandma, we`ll be praying for her =)