Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is too short, and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained

I need to start remembering {and focusing} more on this quote from Stendahl, as I feel like I'm letting my dream somewhat slip away with the days - and i just don't know where it's going!

First off, I hope everyone enjoyed the nice extended weekend for Memorial Day, and that you remembered the reason for the extra day off {thanks to our past and present military men and women for the sacrifices they make for our country and freedom - God bless you all!}.  Mine was filled with working on the spring cleaning to-do list that at the time seemed to be a mile long {yet it's almost completely done!}.  I was so thankful for two nice days to finally get some yard work done {all the rain and other obligations has wreaked havoc on our poor, sad lawn and landscaping!}.

This long weekend also gave me a chance to catch up on some blogs and do some more research for upcoming posts.  It also gave me a chance to reflect on goals for the future Cammi Lee Events.  Sorry we've been so MIA lately - May has been a busy month for us with non-business stuff (dang real world always has to get in the way of my fun!).  I'm trying something new to keep me on track of my weekly blog posts, as well as on track for effectively starting this business up!  We hope you do forgive us and continue to read!  We'd love to hear from you as to what types of posts you would like to see in the future form us - is it more recipes, DIY ideas, wedding stuff, real parties - you tell us!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we update those pages on a more consistent basis with ideas, parties and weddings we love!

With it being the end of May {seriously, where has 2011 gone already?}, I wanted to follow up on my resolutions and goals for the year and see where I have been succeeding, and where I need work.  My goals and updates are as follow {for those who care to know! :) }

1. Build up to working out 3-times a week - this has been quite successful, to a point of almost annoyance.  My boyfriend, a personal trainer, wrote me a month-long work out plan with a calendar to go with it.  I've been so locked up in following that plan, I've kind of put my other stuff on hold - not good!  Time to figure out how I can fit everything into the schedule appropriately!

2. Try new recipe weekly {either cooking or baking} - this has been a failure resolution.  I think I need to start writing out my meals on a weekly basis, along with a weekly grocery list so that I can fulfill this resolution!

3. Read one book a month {business or leisure reading} - while I haven't finished a book a month, I'm pretty close.  I can't say this one is a total failure because some of my reading material is easier {and shorter} to read than others.

4. Have the Cammi Lee Events business plan written up by June 30th - another total fail.  This is probably one of the most important resolutions to follow, too, for getting the business off the ground.  This may have to be extended to December 31st :)

5. Plan at least 4 events in 2011 - I guess you could say I'm on-track with this one - I've help with the planning of two events thus far - my niece's Baptism and my "sister-in-law's" baby shower.  Now I just have to find two more people to let me plan their event in the next 6 months!

6. Create Web site for Cammi Lee Events - this one's coming along smoothly!  My graphic and web designer is working away on getting my site up and going {Estimated launch date: July 1st -  mark your calendars!}.  She's a gem - she's also working on my branding design... baby steps in the right direction!

7. Blog at least 4 times a week - well you all know this one hasn't been met!  Like I mentioned above - we're working on ways to get us more organized for posting... {fingers crossed I can keep up with it}

8.  Eat healthier - this has been so-so.  I was on a roll for a while, but then had some trips that kind of screwed it up.  Must. Jump. Back. On. Wagon.

9.  Find volunteer position in special events - this has been more difficult than I expected it to be!  My full-time {non-events related} job has hours that aren't very conducive to volunteer positions.  I will, however, ben helping with the planning of the MMRF Race for Research's 5K that takes place in September {not exactly what I was thinking, but it works!}

10.  Find seminars, classes, events for event industry to attend - major fail.  I'm not finding anything in the Twin Cities! {if anyone has heard of anything, please let me know!}

11.  Collaborate with other blogger - still in the works... I think it's hard to find bloggers to collaborate with when I haven't kept up on my blog myself!  If you or another blogger are interested in teaming up, please let me know!

12.  Complete ONE Scrapbook - I'd like to say that with all the time I've been away from the blog lately, it's been because I have been scrapbooking... but unfortunately, that's not the case.  I will tell you that I took out my Cricut for the first time ever {it had been sitting in its box brand new for over a year} and it doesn't work.  What's a girl to do, or scrap, without her Cricut?  It's probably best to contact customer support - just hope they help me out since I've it for over a year!}

Well there you have it - my goals and resolutions and where they stand.  As a recap for myself - I'm looking like a major slacker.  I think I need more to-do lists, and less internet perusing {I think part of my issue is that I just love looking at what all of you do, do that I forget to follow my own stuff!}.  Here's to hoping the next 6 months are more organized and fulfill my goals and resolutions than the first six months have!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Wedding: Spring into a Morning Wedding

I love when a couple does something different for their wedding than what's considered "traditional" - whether it be with the theme they choose, a different style of attire or a different type of location.  This couples wedding was unique because they chose to have it in the morning, with an intimate "reception" that included an omelet bar (one of my favorite parts of the wedding).  Jill Thomas Photography did a phenomenal job photographing this couples special day - I suppose to helps to have such an attractive couple to work with and that sweet glow of the morning sun.

I just adore these shoes!

Don't you just love the robes for the bridal party - such a great gift to give your girls who were there to help you celebrate your big day!

The groom and his guys getting ready for the wedding in the attic

I love the romance of these flowers!
Probably my favorite photo of the group!  I love how you feel like you're sneaking a peek of the couple - who look so happy and in love!
I just love the photo of the tree - so old and sturdy looking.  Perfect symbolism for a wedding!

Great simplistic, yet quite feminine, bridesmaid dresses

As I mentioned above, this has to be one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding - such a cool idea, one their guests I'm sure haven't seen at a wedding before!
With such an intimate brunch, using a muffin as the place setting is absolutely perfect!

What feminine wedding would be complete without an Aubrey Hepburn quote? And of course, chocolate cake!

To view more stunning photos from this gorgeous wedding, and the vendor credits, head over to Jill Thomas Photography's blog.  

Although each wedding is unique, because no two couples are the same, what memories do you have of a wedding that you found to be so different from other weddings you have attended?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Party: Garage Sale 30th Birthday

I love unique themed party, so when I came across this 30th birthday party dessert table on Catch My Party, I knew it was a must share!  Stefani of La Belle Parties designed this Garage Sale-themed dessert table for her friends husband, who's a lover of garage sales {sounds like he and I have something in common!}. I think my favorite part is that you can use items from around your house as your props - as Stefani did with the blender, old coffee mugs and maker, and old vinyl records.  Like Stefani said on her blog "the possibilities are endless because anything goes at a garage sale."

The whole spread - easy set up with things from around the house!  If you're looking for a quick, but clever, dessert table set up, this is your kind of party!

Love this idea of displaying candy on the table!

These look sooo stinkin' good!

To view more photos for clever themed 30th birthday party, head over to La Belle Parties.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Real Party: Eva's Baptism

Some of you may recall me chatting about helping my sister and brother-in-law with my niece's (no Goddaughter) Baptism.  Well the day has come and gone, and let me tell you - it was mighty hectic!  We started out with church at the 10:45 a.m. service followed by what was supposed to be a 2 hour break, but I have a family who likes to show up fashionably early!  So while I was able to snap a few photos of the food and dessert table, I wasn't able to get much else {this seems to be a recurring theme for all the parties I help with!}. I hope you enjoy these few images from my nieces big day! {I apologize in advance for the dark photos, the way my sisters dining room is set up only allowed for the table to be in front of a window and sliding glass door... that makes for poor lighting!}

a view of the dessert table, which included cake, Oreo truffles dipped in lavender candy melts and mini cupcakes. 

another view of the dessert table

The food table.  We had deli sandwiches with cheese, fresh veggies, Italian pasta salad, Jello salad, chips and pickles and olives

We didn't have anywhere to hang these, but I spelled out my nieces name and put them in cute square white frames from the Dollar Store.  These will be hanged in her room at some point.

My attempt at making Oreo truffles

Custom "Wishes for Eva" tags.  I bought the cute little trees from the Target dollar section - they're prefect for "wish" trees!  I'll definitely use these for other events!

The cake (this was my sisters only request for the entire party)

The delicious punch that was a HUGE hit.  Thank you Martha Stewart (you can find the recipe here - it's perfect for a summer drink!)

My beautiful grandma holding her great granddaughter for the first time

Four generations in this photo (my mom on the far left, sister in the middle, my niece and my grandma)

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of an inside look at the party.  There wasn't much room to put too many decorations {as we had 40-some people show up}, but I did what I could with the room I had.  Like I mentioned above, the punch was a huge hit, as were the Oreo truffles.  I just loved the wish trees, although I wish I would have placed them in a different location because it was just too busy in the kitchen for people  to actually stop to write something.  I wanted to stop and decorate with some flowers (I had some vases on had with ribbon that matched the lavender and silver theme), but we just simply ran out of time the night before and during the time we had between the service and the luncheon.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Wedding: Ivory and Lavender Love

Lately I have been totally in love with the color purple, so when I saw this gorgeous ivory and lavender wedding on the Wedding Chicks blog, I just had to bookmark it to share for Wedding Wednesday (oh you should see the bookmarks I have for upcoming Wedding Wednesday's - it's amazing!).  If you've already seen this, I apologize, but it's just gorgeous eye candy that I'm sure you don't mind seeing it again... and if you haven't seen it yet, well you're in for a real treat!

How gorgeous is that aisle?  It seriously belongs in a magazine (to be honest, I think I may have seen it in a magazine).  I just love all the flowers and stationery.  It's just so beautiful.

I could just look at photos of this wedding all day... and then the next day and the next.  What I think I love most is that the couple planned this elegant wedding, while still keeping it playful with the "Field of Dreams" theme.  This is such great wedding inspiration for a couple who want a fun, yet elegant wedding (think sports fanatic groom and traditional bride).

To check out more photos, be sure to head over to the Wedding Chicks site and view the fully gallery and the vendors who helped bring this wedding together.  Believe me - there is an abundance of beautiful photos to oogle over!