Saturday, January 16, 2010

The start to my home office!

I seriously dream of having this super bright, amazing home office that I can someday start my own business in. So after a (two hour) trip to Ikea today, I came back with a nice desk that only cost me $20! I also bought a white magnetic board, a pack of 2 magazine holders and 2 packs of 2 storage boxes (I'm not quite sure what I'll be putting in them yet, but trust me, I know there's something to be stored - mental note: NYE resolution #3 is to GET ORGANIZED!), all for $30! Today's total Ikea purchases - $50 and some change for tax.

Like I mentioned above... my trip to Ikea was at least a two-hour long visit. I just absolutely love that store. My boyfriend and I are currently shopping around for our first home together, so looking at their Showroom gets those wheels in my brain spinning about all of the things we'll have to decorate - I can tell he's not nearly as excited as I am for it all - OK, who am I kidding, he's not excited for any part of decorating beyond his "man's room".

OK, so back to my office... or beginning of my home office. Right now, it's just one smaller desk (as you see in the photos above), eventually I'm going to buy one identical to it, but longer, and possibly wider, to make a nice, large L-shaped desk. I also haven't purchased a chair yet... I know, I know, a necessity for a home office, but I don't think I've shopped around enough for that one chair that's going to fit my butt just right - you know, a chair is a very important element to an office... comfort AND style are very key. I've also got A LOT more decorating to do. I bought the cool white magnetic board, but don't want to hang it because we'll be leaving our rental townhouse soon, and that's just another couple of holes in the wall we'll have to fix. My boyfriend's brother is an AMAZING photographer, so I'm going to hit him up for some photos to hang "collage-style" on a wall around my desk, too. Maybe that'll be EXTRA inspiration to get my butt in gear on following my dream to learn to be a great photographer (can you tell I dream BIG?!). Other things I'd like to purchase to complete the room: more storage stuff - including a nice, modern filing cabinet, one of those cube bookshelves, some plants, more personal pictures and frames, and definitely desk accessories (I'm such a sucker for desk accessories!). As you can see, I still have so much to do! I just thought you'd all like to see the progress I'm making!

I'd love to hear what ideas and DIY projects you have done for your home office, or any decorating tips!

PS - Please pardon the mess in my picture - the room's still a work in progress! :)

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