Saturday, January 9, 2010

DIY Inspiration - Crafty Organization

One of my goals/resolutions from 2010 is to get more organized... and while I love browsing and buying all those supplies that are suppose to help me do, I never seem to fully follow through with it. When I came across this article on Creating Keepsakes by Megan Hoeppner and how she keeps her workspace and crafts neat and organized, it inspired me to follow through this year. I must say, the pictures are great - pink with white - what a great and girly color combination... perfect for inspiring any crafty girl!

Anyway, her ideas are creative and relatively inexpensive. Check out the photos above for a better look. Below you find her ideas on storing your scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, paper punches

Megan's tip on:

Storing your scrapbook/decorative paper:
  • By color
  • By pattern (if paper is multi-color) - Polka dots, stripes, floral, etc.
  • By holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.)
  • By theme (pets, birthday, travel, etc.)
  • By type (lace paper, shaped, vellum, etc.)
Storing your rubber stamps:
  • Alphabet
  • Backgrounds
  • Holiday
  • Images
  • Sentiments
** Mark a separate box just called "supplies", where you store the stamping accessories, such as ink pads, watercolor pencils, blender pens, embossing powder, etc. **

Storing your paper punches:
  • Purchase a shoe storage hanger (one that you hang around the pole in your closet)
  • Buy the bins that fit in the slots and label each one (Megan used cute handmade tags that she wrapped around the handles)
  • Separate the punches by design/theme

Another way she keeps organized is a removable dry erase board by Wall Pops. These fun little boards stick to your wall, but are fully removable, without any messy sticky stuff!

I hope this post has inspired you to tidy up and get organized (if you're not already...), or at least has given you some ideas to ponder and test out for yourself! If you've got any other creative tips, I'd sure love to hear them!

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