Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Valentine's card for your favorite music lover!

If I could pick one thing that my boyfriend might love more than me (ha!), it would have to be music (OK, and maybe his mom... but that's a different kind of love, right?!). He's seriously obsessed. When we first started dating, I think one of the first things he asked me was "So, what kind of music do you listen to" - and I don't think it was necessarily to keep the conversation rolling, I think it may have been a small test (guess I passed!). After a little while longer, he made a CD for me that featured some of his favorite songs... and while I can't find the CD anymore (seriously, I'm so sad over this!), I remember the songs on it, which will always be songs that remind me of him. So, when I saw this AMAZING idea for a Valentine's card and CD holder combo on Elle's Studio's blog, I knew I had to share - and I know that I'll definitely be trying to make this sweet little number myself! Check out the full post here for what supplies to pick up and instructions on how to make this adorable creation for the music LOVE-r in your life!!

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