Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Sports Fun

With the Super Bowl being just a week away, I thought it was appropriate to feature a wedding that had some AMAZING football photos! {I must get this off my chest: as a Minnesota Vikings fan, I am SUPER bummed that Green Bay has made it to the Super Bowl!  Why couldn't the Bears just take 'em out the first time... or even this past week! UGH!}

Anywho.. today's Wedding Wednesday feature was photographed by Corey Ann of Corey Ann Photography, and the photos are just way too fun for words!  Do you ever see a wedding and think "this is definitely a wedding party that I would TOTALLY love to be a part of"? Because I totally did.  And the couple getting married totally rocked it!  They were married in a traditional church, but it was their photos of at the Pro Football Hall of Fame that made my giggle and want to keep viewing more!  Check 'em out below!

The groom meeting his bride halfway down the aisle
the bride and some of her girls dancing on the party bus on the way to take some photos!
Um HELLO fabulous venue to take wedding photos at!
Love this shot!

Can't say I know too many brides that would be into playing football in their wedding dress on their wedding day!

The guys' touchdown "dance"
The girls' touchdown dance {love this shot, too!)
The couple was married on 10.10.09 - perfect photo opp on the 10-yard line!

Too fun, huh?!  I can only hope then when I get married {some day} that my wedding will be equally as fun as this one!  To view more photos and read more about this great wedding, head over to the Corey Ann Photography.  We'll be back with MORE football inspiration soon!!  Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Real Wedding: Florida Sunshine

Hey brides - have you ever visited The Budget Savvy Bride site?  There is A TON of inspiration and tips on saving money for your big day!  When I came across the site this afternoon, I spent a while searching around, taking in all the great information.  One of my favorite parts of the blog is that you can look at real weddings based on the budget the couple had to work with.  In fact, that's the section I pulled today's wedding from!

Today's Wedding Wednesday feature is from a couple who spent roughly $7,500 on their wedding, with a guest list of around 100 people. If you do the math, that's roughly $75 a guest - not too bad if you ask me!!

Here are photos of this gorgeous, sunny Florida wedding:

The color scheme just screams Florida sun!

I love this photo of the happy couple!  Beautiful shot!

So you're probably wondering how the couple can throw a wedding this beautiful with only spending $7,500 for everything?  Yep, I was, too.  So here's a little bit of a breakdown:

- Ceremony Venue: $200 (donation to church)
- Reception Venue: Free (it was the groom's parents house)
- Photographer: $800 (which included their engagement photos.  The couple didn't get any prints or albums with their package, however, they were given the rights to the photos.)
- DJ: $600 for 6 hours
- Bagpipe Players: $250
- Flowers: $150
- Caterer: $2,5000
- Decor: $250
- Wedding Dress: FREE!!  The bride had a designer friend design her dress and accessorize her. Beautiful!
- Hair and Make-up: $150
- Groom's attire: Free tux (free with the 5 groomsmen tux rentals).  $150 for reception attire
- Wedding bands: grooms: $370; brides: $300 (on clearance at JC Penney)
- Invitations (including envelopes and postage): $120
- Cake and cupcake favors: $250 - a childhood friend baked all the cupcakes for the favors.
- Wedding Party Favors: $300
- Chairs, table and linen rentals: $1,000

As you can see, this wedding could have been a lot more expensive than what the couple spent.  It's so awesome that they were able to use family members and friends talents to help with their wedding.  Remember brides - it's always good to think of family and friends who's talents you can utilize when planning your wedding... it's also a great way for them to get some extra publicity (like this couple gave to the friend who baked their cupcake favors!).

To read more about this wedding and see more photos, head over to The Budget Savvy Bride's post.  While you're on the site, stick around and check out the other weddings, inspiration and tips for your big day!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Valentine's Cards

This past week I created a couple of Valentine's cards - some turned out, some didn't.  {I'm still getting the hang of Illustrator, and the whole printing thing is throwing me off - I can't get my dang cards centered and on the page! Suggestions??}

Anywho, here are a couple of photos of the cards that DID turn out!  I hope you like them!

"My Sexy Valentine" card

"I Love You" card

"Fallen" card

Happy Belated One-Year Blogiversary to Me!


I'm only 13 days late on my Blogiversary, not too shabby!  I can't believe I've been blogging for a whole year now!  While, I didn't blog as much as I would have liked during that year, I'm happy to see that I stuck through it - and continue to do so.  Thank you so much to my readers who have left comments and shared my posts - it's those very reasons that I continue to post! {and for a creative outlet!}.  Hopefully I've inspired you with a few ideas along the road! :)

To celebrate my blogiversary, I wanted to do something special for my readers!  So - how about a giveaway?? One reader will win themselves a $10 gift card to Joann Fabrics!  Why Joann's you ask?  No, they're not a CK Events Sponsor... but they have A TON of fun crafting and party stuff to buy {don't be fooled, it's more than just a fabric store}... and you can shop online if you don't have a store near you!

There are quite a few ways for you to enter, too -

1. Become a follower of the CK Events blog and tell us what you would buy if you won the giftcard
2. "Like" us on Facebook
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4. Post something about the giveaway on your blog, and add the link in your comment
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Yep, that's right... there are SIX ways to enter!  The giveaway will start tonight, January 17th and end at 10 p.m. CST on January 27th.  Make sure to leave a comment for each entry, as well as an email address to contact you if you're the winner.  We will use the number generator to choose a winner, and announce it on Friday, January 28th.

Good Luck!  And thanks again for following CK Events through our journey!  Stay tuned for some more freebies this week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favor Idea: Heart Shaped Soap

I originally came across this idea while looking through Martha Stewart's Valentine's ideas.  I am a lover of practical gifts - I mean, giving a gift that you'll use, but isn't practical for the gift receiver is no good.  That's what I loved about these little heart shaped glycerin soaps - a practical gift for everyone (especially during cold and flu season - I mean seriously, do you know anyone who's hoping to get sick? I know I don't!).

*Cute Idea Alert:*  How fun would these little soaps be for a wedding favor gift?  Use the couples monogram, initials, wedding date, a little phrase, etc. imprinted on each heart.  Or create soap lollies for a candy/sweet themed party (use guest of honors name or initials as the imprint).  These would be great favors for any shower as well!  Like I said above - soap is a very practical gift - why not test out your DIY skills! :)

Below you'll find Martha's instructions on how to make your own soap!

What you will need:
- Nonstick 9-inch square nonstick pan
- Heart shape cookie cutter (or other shape of your liking if you're not making these for Valentine's day)
- Glass measuring cup
- Glycerin soap
- Bench scraper
- Soap colorant or food coloring
- Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
- Cutting board
- Needlenose pliers
- 1/8" metal letter stamps
- Masking tape

**Note: for these directions, a 2-inch cookie cutter was used and 2 1/2 lbs of glycerin soap to make 16 hearts.**

1. Depending on your equipment, yields may vary.  To determine how much glycerin you will need, fill your pan with water to 1/4 inch below the height of your cookie cutter and pour that water into your measuring cup.  Be sure to record where the water hit, then discard.

2. Cut soap into small pieces with bench scraper to fill your measuring cup.  Microwave on medium heat until melted; stir.  Add more soup and heat until you reach the line you marked from the water in step 1.  Stir in coloring.  Pour melted soap into pan.  Spray with alcohol if bubbles form.

3. Let harden at room temperature for 2 hours, then freeze for 10 minutes.

4. Turn upside down onto cutting board.  Create soaps using you cookie cutter (use your pliers to pull cookie cutter out if it gets stuck).  Tape stamps together to form words, monograms, initials, etc. and imprint on soaps applying light, even pressure.

5. Package those beauties up for favors or gift giving!

Featured Vendor: Paige Winn Photo

After a short little break due to the holidays, we're welcoming back the Featured Vendor series! Anyone in the wedding or events business knows now is a great time to get your name out there {ahem, it's the beginning of wedding planning season, after all!}, so if you are interested in being featured, send us a quick email and we'll get the ball rolling!

Today's Featured Vendor is Paige Winn of Paige Winn Photo.  Paige's interest in photography began after seeing an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis (yes, the actress Jamie Lee Curtis) about her growing love for photography and showing off her photographs. Soon after, Paige's parents purchased her first SLR camera, thus sparking her own love for photography.  Paige took every photography class that was offered through her high school which helped her get accepted into the photography program at the University of Illinois, where she received in BFA in 2005.

Self Portrait of Paige

Paige's work ranges from weddings to family portraits to pet portraits (she seriously has one of the cutest bulldogs I've ever seen!) and more.  While she says she loves photographing all different types of events, one of her favorites has to be the newlywed sessions.
"There's nothing like a glow the bride has on her wedding day, but when you put that dress back on later with no fear of dirt and messy makeup - it makes for some amazing photos!"

Read on to learn more about Paige and her photography business:

CKE: What inspires you and your work?

PWP: I am definitely inspired by other photographers, my very favorites are Rodney Smith, Cig Harvey, and Cindy Sherman.  Fashion and music are a huge influences as well.   My best photo ideas come to me when I am in the car alone, listening to great music. 

CKE: What do you love most about your job?

PWP: I love that I can be creative every single day… I am constantly being inspired by new faces and places.  When it comes to weddings I get to be a part of the best day of so many people's lives and give them photos that last forever.  It's a great honor to be welcomed in on a couple's wedding day, and something that I don't take for granted.

CKE: What is one thing you wish every client knew/did that would make your job easier in assisting them?

PWP: Mainly to relax and enjoy the day, things just come together the way the should!   The more fun you are having on your wedding day, the better your photos come out.  Let go of all of the planning, laugh, have fun, and let me take care of documenting those memories!

CKE: What is your ultimate goal/dream for your business or professional life?

PWP: I love where I am heading now.  Weddings are always new and fun, and I will never get tired of shooting them.  I would love to broaden my horizons a bit, my ultimate dream has always been to shoot album covers for some of my favorite musicians.

CKE: If you weren't a photographer, what would your dream job be?

PWP: That's easy!  Shoe designer.  A little known fact about me is that I designed and made shoes for my final senior project in college.

CKE: What advice and/or tips would you give to people looking to start their own business adventure?  What did you find helpful when starting out?  What were the most difficult obstacles to overcome?

PWP: I am lucky that I have a husband who has started a few of his own businesses, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and helped give me the guts to go for it!  It's scary to put everything you have into your own business, but it's so worth it in the end.  I think the key is to not be intimidated by all of the paperwork and taxes etc. and just focus on doing what you are great at.  The biggest obstacle for me was finding that first client, but once that happened, things just started rolling!  

1. What are five things you simply can't live without?

1. my husband and my family
2. a bulldog
3. J.Crew
4. Neko Case on my Ipod/Iphone
5. my camera (of course)

2. What is your favorite color scheme at the moment?
Always black and cream. It's classic! My own wedding colors were black, cream, and yellow.

3. What is your favorite time of year to photograph?
I love the fall.  The colors and just the feeling outside and the crisp weather make me happy.  

4. What trends are you seeing in the photography business lately?

Desaturated vintage tones, great use of light, and shooting with a more editorial eye - rather than traditional.

Below are some of Paige's favorite photos

I love the lighting of this photo! Just beautiful!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Paige from Paige Winn Photo.  Be sure to stop by her web siteblog or Facebook page to check out more of her fabulous work!  And if you're in the Twin Cities area, be sure to keep her in mind for your wedding or upcoming portrait session!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Real Wedding: Chicago Fun in the Summer

Today's Wedding Wednesday submission comes from Paige of Paige Winn Photo.  You may remember seeing Paige's work if you check out the Harry Potter-inspired wedding we featured in October {that post can be found here}.

Steve and Lindsay got married in Chicago back in August at Prairie Productions.  It was a very DIY wedding, right down to the paintings at the reception, which were created by the bride's brother and uncle's partner (Nicolas Morgan and Roberto Juarez).

Scroll down to check out this beautiful Chicago summer wedding!

such a fun shot of the bride!

I adore this shot of the couple!  The composition of this photo is too cool!

beautiful dress!

Here are the paintings created by the bride's brother and uncle's partner

I love the simple white.  The venue (Prairie Production) is used for daytime photo shoots - that explains the gorgeous natural light!

Love the wild flower arrangements

Congratulations Steve and Lindsay!
To view more of Paige's work, be sure to check out her blog. And if you're interested in learning more about her, be sure to check back on the CK Events blog tomorrow!