Sunday, January 31, 2010

I think we finally did it... we found "the one"

My boyfriend and I have been house hunting for what seems like an eternity - I swear, most of our Saturday's (not to mention the hours searching online) have been devoted to hunting for "the one"... and I think we finally found it! While I'm not going to post the pictures displayed on the MLS listing (because trust me, they don't really do it any justice), I thought it would be WAY more fun to show photos of decor and furniture inspiration... kind of like window peeping!

The MASTER BEDROOM: Our bedroom furniture looks NOTHING like the photo below, however I'm in love the idea of placing a collage of mirrors above the night stands. I also like the idea of hanging a set of 3 of 4 photos on the wall above the headboard (note: I wouldn't do both... just in case I had readers out there cringing and going "she's really going to do both of those?!"). I love our bedroom furniture, so the decor is the major element I'll need to work on. As of now, I'm thinking deep purples or soft teal and brown. (image via the style files)

The DINING ROOM: We actually have an oval black dining room table a 4 black leather chairs similar to those shown below (which I'm absolutely obsessed with to the point of being adamant that we NEEDED a separate dining room just so we didn't have to give up the table). The dining room in our "it" house is actually connected to the kitchen, like a big eat-in area. I envisioned putting some type of shelving in... and when I came across this idea, I loved it! Dining room inspiration - CHECK! (image via Ikea)

The BASEMENT: One of the biggest thing my boyfriend was looking for in a home was a place to make his own - to display sports memorabilia, have a pool table and ping pong table, a place to hang with his friends - you know, all the elements of a MAN CAVE! This house definitely has it, and I think the photo below is just what he would envision his man cave to look like. Add a nice bar, some more sports stuff and you're good to go. (Mental note to self: make sure furniture, carpeting and decor is easy to clean up - the smell of stale beer is NEVER a good thing!) (image via

The FAMILY ROOM: There's a nice family room right off of the living room that this would look perfect it - the main focal point of this room is a HUGE fireplace. We're thinking of mounting a TV above the mantel, making this the perfect place to hang out and watch some movies or my favorite design, decorating and craft shows! I love the furniture below because it looks amazingly comfortable and functional for a family room. :) (image via CSN Stores)

The LIVING ROOM: The living room has a dark bluish-grey paint color that we both actually really dig, and both thought it would look great with black furniture and accent pieces. Here's a living room set that I really like - ample seating, while still looking simply and classy - although, I'm not sure how comfortable it looks, but hey, you get the idea! (image via furniture store NYC)

The HOME OFFICE/CRAFT ROOM: This will most likely be my favorite room to decorate because it's going to be ALL MINE (he has his man cave, I'll have my office/craft room). Because it's my favorite room to dream about, I couldn't just pick one... so here's three favorite choices, but believe me... there were WAY more that I loved!

While this would be like my dream office - I don't think it's something I'll be able to afford anytime soon... (image via

Something like this is more do-able, while still allowing enough space to do all the things I love! (image via Cheyenne Milwork and Custom Cabinets Ltd)

Another good one and probably the most affordable because I've already got a desk that looks like those! However not sure this one allows enough space to do everything I'd like to do in my office/craft room. Maybe adding another desk so it makes an L-shape would be ideal, at least for space. (image via good design)

While I could go on and on DREAMING of decorating what I hope is my future home, I better make myself stop as it's making me "decorating hungry"... and we all know that's not good for a bank account - especially the bank account of a new home owner!

What types of decorating tips do you have for a new home owner? What chic (and cheap) designs and tricks are up your sleeves? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. good luck! It is so much fun decorating your own house.