Thursday, January 13, 2011

Favor Idea: Heart Shaped Soap

I originally came across this idea while looking through Martha Stewart's Valentine's ideas.  I am a lover of practical gifts - I mean, giving a gift that you'll use, but isn't practical for the gift receiver is no good.  That's what I loved about these little heart shaped glycerin soaps - a practical gift for everyone (especially during cold and flu season - I mean seriously, do you know anyone who's hoping to get sick? I know I don't!).

*Cute Idea Alert:*  How fun would these little soaps be for a wedding favor gift?  Use the couples monogram, initials, wedding date, a little phrase, etc. imprinted on each heart.  Or create soap lollies for a candy/sweet themed party (use guest of honors name or initials as the imprint).  These would be great favors for any shower as well!  Like I said above - soap is a very practical gift - why not test out your DIY skills! :)

Below you'll find Martha's instructions on how to make your own soap!

What you will need:
- Nonstick 9-inch square nonstick pan
- Heart shape cookie cutter (or other shape of your liking if you're not making these for Valentine's day)
- Glass measuring cup
- Glycerin soap
- Bench scraper
- Soap colorant or food coloring
- Spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
- Cutting board
- Needlenose pliers
- 1/8" metal letter stamps
- Masking tape

**Note: for these directions, a 2-inch cookie cutter was used and 2 1/2 lbs of glycerin soap to make 16 hearts.**

1. Depending on your equipment, yields may vary.  To determine how much glycerin you will need, fill your pan with water to 1/4 inch below the height of your cookie cutter and pour that water into your measuring cup.  Be sure to record where the water hit, then discard.

2. Cut soap into small pieces with bench scraper to fill your measuring cup.  Microwave on medium heat until melted; stir.  Add more soup and heat until you reach the line you marked from the water in step 1.  Stir in coloring.  Pour melted soap into pan.  Spray with alcohol if bubbles form.

3. Let harden at room temperature for 2 hours, then freeze for 10 minutes.

4. Turn upside down onto cutting board.  Create soaps using you cookie cutter (use your pliers to pull cookie cutter out if it gets stuck).  Tape stamps together to form words, monograms, initials, etc. and imprint on soaps applying light, even pressure.

5. Package those beauties up for favors or gift giving!

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