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Featured Vendor: Paige Winn Photo

After a short little break due to the holidays, we're welcoming back the Featured Vendor series! Anyone in the wedding or events business knows now is a great time to get your name out there {ahem, it's the beginning of wedding planning season, after all!}, so if you are interested in being featured, send us a quick email and we'll get the ball rolling!

Today's Featured Vendor is Paige Winn of Paige Winn Photo.  Paige's interest in photography began after seeing an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis (yes, the actress Jamie Lee Curtis) about her growing love for photography and showing off her photographs. Soon after, Paige's parents purchased her first SLR camera, thus sparking her own love for photography.  Paige took every photography class that was offered through her high school which helped her get accepted into the photography program at the University of Illinois, where she received in BFA in 2005.

Self Portrait of Paige

Paige's work ranges from weddings to family portraits to pet portraits (she seriously has one of the cutest bulldogs I've ever seen!) and more.  While she says she loves photographing all different types of events, one of her favorites has to be the newlywed sessions.
"There's nothing like a glow the bride has on her wedding day, but when you put that dress back on later with no fear of dirt and messy makeup - it makes for some amazing photos!"

Read on to learn more about Paige and her photography business:

CKE: What inspires you and your work?

PWP: I am definitely inspired by other photographers, my very favorites are Rodney Smith, Cig Harvey, and Cindy Sherman.  Fashion and music are a huge influences as well.   My best photo ideas come to me when I am in the car alone, listening to great music. 

CKE: What do you love most about your job?

PWP: I love that I can be creative every single day… I am constantly being inspired by new faces and places.  When it comes to weddings I get to be a part of the best day of so many people's lives and give them photos that last forever.  It's a great honor to be welcomed in on a couple's wedding day, and something that I don't take for granted.

CKE: What is one thing you wish every client knew/did that would make your job easier in assisting them?

PWP: Mainly to relax and enjoy the day, things just come together the way the should!   The more fun you are having on your wedding day, the better your photos come out.  Let go of all of the planning, laugh, have fun, and let me take care of documenting those memories!

CKE: What is your ultimate goal/dream for your business or professional life?

PWP: I love where I am heading now.  Weddings are always new and fun, and I will never get tired of shooting them.  I would love to broaden my horizons a bit, my ultimate dream has always been to shoot album covers for some of my favorite musicians.

CKE: If you weren't a photographer, what would your dream job be?

PWP: That's easy!  Shoe designer.  A little known fact about me is that I designed and made shoes for my final senior project in college.

CKE: What advice and/or tips would you give to people looking to start their own business adventure?  What did you find helpful when starting out?  What were the most difficult obstacles to overcome?

PWP: I am lucky that I have a husband who has started a few of his own businesses, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and helped give me the guts to go for it!  It's scary to put everything you have into your own business, but it's so worth it in the end.  I think the key is to not be intimidated by all of the paperwork and taxes etc. and just focus on doing what you are great at.  The biggest obstacle for me was finding that first client, but once that happened, things just started rolling!  

1. What are five things you simply can't live without?

1. my husband and my family
2. a bulldog
3. J.Crew
4. Neko Case on my Ipod/Iphone
5. my camera (of course)

2. What is your favorite color scheme at the moment?
Always black and cream. It's classic! My own wedding colors were black, cream, and yellow.

3. What is your favorite time of year to photograph?
I love the fall.  The colors and just the feeling outside and the crisp weather make me happy.  

4. What trends are you seeing in the photography business lately?

Desaturated vintage tones, great use of light, and shooting with a more editorial eye - rather than traditional.

Below are some of Paige's favorite photos

I love the lighting of this photo! Just beautiful!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Paige from Paige Winn Photo.  Be sure to stop by her web siteblog or Facebook page to check out more of her fabulous work!  And if you're in the Twin Cities area, be sure to keep her in mind for your wedding or upcoming portrait session!

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