Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DIY Halloween Craft Idea

I'm not much of a seasonal decorator. I find that although we moved into a house, we just don't have the space {and honestly, the funds} to change up our decor based on the holiday or season... however, that doesn't mean that I don't like to spruce things up a bit if I can find easy-DIY tutorials for craft projects that are either cheap enough to toss when the season/holiday ends... or it's small enough and easy to store.

I came across these three simple BOO-tastic DIY projects via Better Homes and Gardens and thought I would share with you all, just in case your mentality is like mine when it comes to seasonal decorating.

This craft is quite easy, only needing a foam cone, black and pink {or any color of your choice} silk flowers, and a piece of cardboard for the brim.  For full instructions, head over to Better Homes and Gardens.

Another super easy DIY craft.  You'll need a couple of picture frames, black card stock, the free printables found on Better Homes and Gardens, a printer and some sharp scissors.

This one might be the easiest of the three.  Pick up some standard pillar candles and hot glue beads, pearls, rhinestones or beans into the shapes of the letters, then stack on candlesticks of varying heights. Voila - you've got yourself some BOO-rific candles!

Do you have some fun DIY fall or Halloween projects that you do each year?

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  1. Looking forward to seeing new party planning & decorating ideas on your blog this year!