Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Sports Fun

With the Super Bowl being just a week away, I thought it was appropriate to feature a wedding that had some AMAZING football photos! {I must get this off my chest: as a Minnesota Vikings fan, I am SUPER bummed that Green Bay has made it to the Super Bowl!  Why couldn't the Bears just take 'em out the first time... or even this past week! UGH!}

Anywho.. today's Wedding Wednesday feature was photographed by Corey Ann of Corey Ann Photography, and the photos are just way too fun for words!  Do you ever see a wedding and think "this is definitely a wedding party that I would TOTALLY love to be a part of"? Because I totally did.  And the couple getting married totally rocked it!  They were married in a traditional church, but it was their photos of at the Pro Football Hall of Fame that made my giggle and want to keep viewing more!  Check 'em out below!

The groom meeting his bride halfway down the aisle
the bride and some of her girls dancing on the party bus on the way to take some photos!
Um HELLO fabulous venue to take wedding photos at!
Love this shot!

Can't say I know too many brides that would be into playing football in their wedding dress on their wedding day!

The guys' touchdown "dance"
The girls' touchdown dance {love this shot, too!)
The couple was married on 10.10.09 - perfect photo opp on the 10-yard line!

Too fun, huh?!  I can only hope then when I get married {some day} that my wedding will be equally as fun as this one!  To view more photos and read more about this great wedding, head over to the Corey Ann Photography.  We'll be back with MORE football inspiration soon!!  Happy Wednesday!

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