Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Fall Soup Recipes

I know, I know - it has seriously been AGES since I've blogged anything.  Let me give you a brief rundown of what's been going on in my life {and I mean brief... who wants to read about my life when there's parties, recipes, fall design and many other more fun things to capacitate your brain with?!}.  So, the day after Labor Day I started a new full-time job with an advertising/marketing agency that's based her in Minneapolis {previously I was working for the fuel industry doing market analysis and data input}.  With this new job, my regular hours have changed and I'm still getting adjusted with all of this extra training that's consuming my brain!  But don't you worry - fall and winter are coming and I'm more than ready to jump back on the blogging-train... as well as get all the ducks in a row to fully get Cammi Lee Events up and running.  I'm hoping to launch my new blog and web site before the end of the year... and roll out a new brand, too!  I've got a couple of 2012 weddings on the books.  So that's an update!

So... on to the good stuff!  The official start of fall was last Friday, and besides yesterday and today, the weather has been less than stellar!  And when the weather gets chilly... I like to make soup!  So here are my top 5 soups to try for fall {side note: I haven't tried all of these recipes... but they're on my radar!}  Click on the name of the soup below the photo to get the recipe!

Chicken Tortilla Soup via

Baked Potato Soup via Foodies @ Home

Bobby's Lasagna Soup via Paula Deen

Slow Cooker Chili via

Chicken Noodle Soup via In the Kitchen with Kath

So there you have it - we have the classic fall/winter recipes like chili and chicken noodle, but then I've thrown in a couple of others that I'm dying to try {especially that chicken tortilla... mmmm!}

What are you favorite fall/winnter soup recipes?  I always love adding a new recipe to the box! :)

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