Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My wish list

Ahhh, I wish I was one of those people who was really good at saving... or one of those people who just had a lot of money. But I'm not... so that's why I create my wish list. I'm hoping that by putting my Wish List on paper (ok, I guess it's like Blog paper, but whatever!) it'll encourage me to save for these wishful items.

Things I really, really, really want:

- An iMac.
Last year I bought a new MacBook, however I would really love to have an iMac, too. It'll be so easy to create stuff in Adobe since the screen is ginormous... and I'm only thinking the 22"! That's not too greedy, right?! :)

- A nice digital SLR camera.
I'd love to take higher quality pictures than those that I get on my point and shoot digital camera. I've always had a love for photography and I feel that a digital SLR camera would really further this hobby that I'd love to take part in. Plus, this ties in with both my new computer AND my other hobby of scrapbooking!

- A new car. (is it weird that in my head I heard the guy from Price is Right saying that??!)
So about a month ago I go into a car accident with some jerk who doesn't have insurance...or a license - 100% his fault yet I get to pay for it 100% myself. (FYI - I'd like to say other bad words about him and the whole situation, but I'm really restraining myself!) :) Anyway, I went car shopping this past weekend with my brother, who knows way too much about cars; found few, but nothing that WOW'd me. I guess I'm a little particular... and poor for my dream car. My car still runs... but is banged up, so I'm not considering running 'er into the ground... we'll see how long I stick with that idea!

- Adobe Creative Suite classes.
One of the local community colleges here in the Twin Cities offers a continuing education package to take classes on some of the programs offered in the Adobe Creative Suite (like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator). I'm trying to teach myself, but I'd love to learn in a more hands on manor. PS - has anyone taught themselves about Adobe through the "Classroom in a Book" series? Or any other books offered for that software? I'd love to hear about your experience, as this is an option I'm considering also!

- TONS of party and decorating stuff.
I guess I'm gradually accumulating this stuff over time... even though I have no parties to
plan or throw. I just like the idea of having it if I need it! I love looking at all the parties that my blogger friends throw - such inspiration and cute ideas... and a lot of them do it on
a budget! We just bought a house so I'd love to have it completely decorated... however I do
understand this evolves over months of collecting... and my ideas of decor can change all the time - which is not surprising!

Now that you know what things I'm wishing for... what items are on your wish list?!

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  1. You are too cute! Most of those are my dreams too!! You will get it all but it just takes time and I hate saying that because I am the most impatient person on earth!!