Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's that time!

Tomorrow morning. 9 a.m. Closing time. I've been scattering around the house trying to get everything done for the big moving weekend... and of course, I feel like nothing is getting done! The boy isn't being much help, as he's working long hours this week and hasn't contributed to packing at all! UGH! Anyway, tomorrow after closing we have A MILLION more things to get done - carpet cleaning, window measuring, lock changes, cable installation, furniture delivery... oh and then you know, moving all of the crap we've collected over the past year and half (not to mention all the crap we had before moving into together!). I'm also heading out of town tomorrow night for a wedding. I get to miss the moving part, however I know I'll come home to a new house full of unpacking. A wedding then unpacking, er.... I can't foresee anything good coming from the night after a wedding! :)

It may sound like I'm complaining - trust me, I'm not. I'm relieved this whole process is finally closing and our lives can get back to normal - well somewhat, at least. I just have too much to do, and NO time to do it... where do the days go?

I'll post pictures of the new pad once we have internet again (I kind of procrastinated calling the internet company, and they can't come out until Tuesday morning to do the install. Lame.)

Have a splendid weekend every one! I'll post when I can! :)

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