Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unique Spring and Summer Centerpiece Ideas from Rachael Ray

I was checkin' out the Rachael Ray web site for the first time tonight, and came across a variety of SUPER adorable and SUPER easy DIY centerpieces. And they're inexpensive, too! Check out the cute ideas below!

How cute are these for a candy buffet centerpiece? I just love these - I think they're so colorful and cheery... I guess they kind of give me a mental tooth ache, too! :)

I thought this were so simple and classic looking. I love how flower doesn't come out of the glass, but it's still the focal point. A line of these would make for a cheap, but classy centerpiece.

Planning a garden-themed or tea-party anytime soon? How about a mother's day brunch? How fun would this centerpiece be? Hit up your local antique shop or thrift store and check out their teapot selection! I'm sure you could find a few different patterns to display in different areas or tables at your gathering.

I thought this would be great centerpieces that do double-duty as favors. They're soooo easy and cheap - buy yourself some cute patterned socks and just wrap them around a cup or a flower pot and voila - you're guests now have a cute little flower to take home and tend to! How cute would this be for a bridal or baby shower?! Or a garden party! :)

What better way to add some dimension to your party than to use some spool as plate stands! Pairing bright colored spools of ribbon that coordinate with your party's color scheme will make for BEEEAA-U-TEEE-FUL plate stands! I love the bright colors chosen above paired with dainty desserts and finger foods. It's just TOO, TOO cute. (can you tell I loved this idea!)
I really liked this idea for an outdoor dinner party. I believe you could use any lentil, but I'm thinking some coffee beans would be great for this centerpiece. Add a tea light, a little twine around your votive (I believe the above are just OJ glasses...) and place a cute little stand and call it good. This would create a nice little ambiance to your evening meal. Simple. Cheap. Love.

I just love how a simple centerpiece can completely dress up your event. I also love that there are so many centerpiece ideas out there that you don't need to spend a FORTUNE on to make look good. Once I move into the new house I'm challenging myself to create a centerpiece using items that I already own... I'll share the results when I figure it out! Hey, maybe that will be my own monthly challenge! :)

What centerpieces have you made for your spring and summer events?


  1. love those! Especially the teapot and ribbon stands! I'll be using a lot from the garden and dusting off all the ceramic pitchers from winter storage!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  2. I can't wait to see the centerpieces that you come up with!

  3. beautiful page and creative ideas

  4. Carolina BalderramaOctober 16, 2012 at 2:33 PM

    i would love to make the spool as plate stands but i dont know where to get the big spools, any thoughts?