Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Shopping Day!

Pretty much the only reason I like Sunday is for the new sales to come out (I definitely don't like that it means I have to go to work the next day... and the 4 days following!)! Today there are some great sales at Michaels!! If you own a Cricut, you'll want to head over there PRONTO! I bought the Jasmine font cartridge for $29.99 - that's like 55% off the original price. All of their cartridges are on sale for 55% off - but there are no rain checks so hurry up and get there! All of them are on sale - those that are originally $89.99 and those that are $69.99. They also have a bunch of other things on sale - ribbon, scrapbook paper, paper cutters, vases and of course their leftovers from Easter! Check on their ad online if haven't seen it already.

Target had some great stuff on sale for cooking and decorating. They also have some awesome stuff in their dollar section for cheap party serving ware. I just love their dollar section! There are so many great things in there for party favors, too!

Happy Sunday to you all! :)

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