Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Adorable Puppy PAWTY!

I came across this adorable puppy b'ruff'day party on Attention 2 Detail blog - it's just too dang cute!  I loved how the party incorporated items for both 4-legged and 2-legged friends alike!  There were two separate dessert bars - one for the pooches and one for their two-legged owners.

Attention 2 Detail has split up the party into three separate posts, the first post was the pooches dessert set up and the second was for the owner's set up - the third is yet to be released! :)

I'll start with the pooches set up as it looks amazing and I can't get over all the cute details!

Here's the table set up of the pooches dessert bar - how cute is that!  I have always loved brown and pink together... still do!

The had some of the greatest names for the food - and those food tags are just too cute! (made by Chickabug)

I just LOVED how she used dog food as a filler before adding the "canine cones" on top.  So creative!

These dipped rawhide and Milkbones are just too much!  Remind you of some dipped Oreos and marshmallows?!?!

If I didn't know better, I would have thought I could eat those Paw-reos!

Adorable pup-cakes!

Another closer view of the dessert table and its treats!

Oh, Pupcorn - you're killin' me!  Just too cute!

I loved this idea for doggie bags!

... and on to the edible for humans dessert buffet ...

How delicious do those dipped cherries look?!

Dipped graham crackers wrapped in pretty packaging... yes please!

I love the ribbon around the chocolate flavored licorice! Always keeping with the pink and brown theme!

Ashley used dog dishes to place the lollipops in... love it!

drink station

i LOVE these straw labels!

Another view of the human dessert buffet!

I think I've reached my quota of saying the word cute within this post.  I'm sorry if you needed to gag a little bit, but I honestly can't get over how ADORABLE (see, no "cute" here!) this puppy birthday party was - all the details were so well put together!

Head over to Ashley's blog, Attention 2 Detail, to read more about this party and to see other great ideas!


  1. This is so great! This is perfect for my furry babies :-) - love it, and definately a cute overload!!

  2. Thanks for the feature Cammi! :) It was a super fun event to plan!

  3. Hi Cammi! Thank you for linking to my Etsy shop! That was super nice of you! : )