Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A new secret weapon?? ...

Well, not really... but it's got you intrigued, doesn't it! Anyway, I went to Shopko this weekend with my mom and aunt, and while I was perusing the aisles, I found this little gem on sale for $25. (thanks, Mom!)

So I tested it out on Sunday morning with making my family some mini-muffins. I've come to the conclusion that it's a great instrument to use - it's not as time-efficient as it may seem. You get to make 7 mini-cupcakes (or mini-muffins or mini-brownies) at a time; each taking around 5-7 minutes to bake. Now, if you do the math, you can make around 2-dozen of these little cuties in your oven in like 16-20 minutes. However, I think this will make a great addition to my kitchen during those hot summer months, primarily because I won't have to turn on my oven!

What little finds have you purchased lately that you enjoy? I'm always looking to go shopping! :)


  1. This is the neatest thing I have ever seen. You said it correctly about being the perfect item come summer and esp living in AZ I could use this!