Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gossip Girl table

Don't you just love cruising the Internet and finding a web site you've never discovered before?  That's what happened to me tonight - I stumbled across the Design 2 Decor blog.  Design 2 Decor is an event design and management firm based out of Ontario, Canada.  The 'Gossip Girl' table they designed below was created for the Canadian Special Events and Meeting Expo's "Theme Decor Challenge"... where they won first place!

Look at how attentive they were to the details - from the hanging bulbs, to the diamond-shaped plates, diamond napkin rings, PINK galore and so much more!  Honestly, what girl would not love to have a table designed like this for her party?  I sure would... :)

For more inspiration on event design - and some serious eye-candy - head over to the Design 2 Decor blog here.


  1. Gossip girl is my vice! Love this! How cute are the cell phones, too?

  2. I love your blog.