Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bachelorette Party fun!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was helping plan a good friend's bachelorette party.  (I also mentioned that I would have the photos up after the party, which was two weeks ago... sorry I'm a little behind these days!)

So here's some of the details - we decided on a color scheme of black and red because the bachelorette wanted black cocktail attire and well red just seems a bit more sophisticated than your traditional pink that most people do for bach parties.  I designed the invites and we bought coordinating red envelopes to send them out in. Since none of us are rolling in money we wanted to keep it simple, but still glamorous (especially because we were also hosting most of the party in a hotel room in a different city, things needed to be transported easily).

For the decor we kept it simple - some red carnations and white roses.  I had bought some red vases from Michael's right after Valentines day that we used to hold some candy, "pecker" straws and the Oreo pops I made.  I also made some cupcakes for the event and made two different cupcake toppers, one with the silhouette I used on the invite and the other's saying "Jen's Last Fling".  I put an invite in a black frame since I wasn't sure the bride-to-be had seen it yet (she currently lives in Oregon and had her wedding in Minnesota).

Here's the set up we had in the hotel room - like I said, we didn't have much room to work with, but I think it looked great for what we DID have to work with!  I also found those cute little red pails in the Target dollar section!

Here are the Oreo pops I made! I've never had them before, nor had I ever made them.  They're super tasty and super easy to make!!

The favor tags I made.  We bought a bunch of different types of candy and threw them in some cellophane bags.  I bought some super cute ribbon that coordinated with our theme, but forgot to grab a scissors, and we were under a major time crunch, so the silver twist ties that came with the bags came in mighty handy!

Here's a pic of the invite I designed in the black frame.  I loved the silhouette and wanted to keep that as a theme throughout all the printables.

I made these thank you notes for the bride-to-be to send out to her guests from the bachelorette party.  I bought the red envelopes to match with the red and black theme.  Notice the silhouette again! (please pardon the terrible lighting the next few pictures... I need to figure out product lighting! :))

The thank you notes packaged and ready to go!

Here are the cupcake toppers I created saying "Jen's last fling" and with the silhouette.

We actually never got around to using these at the party, but wanted everyone to fill out a card giving advice for the bride-to-be.  It's a cute idea!

Here's all of us girls decked out and ready for our night on the town for Jen's last fling!!

I just love planning parties... and I love making coordinating printables - it's so fun to see a party come together!

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  1. Love all the paper you designed....invites, thank you's, toppers, etc!!! Very cute!