Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cute idea for the Kiddo's

I seriously think I could peruse Martha Stewart's web sites all day and never get bored! Today in my inbox (I subscribe to her daily wedding inspiration ideas, but often the ideas are useful for all types of events), I find Martha's idea of luggage tags as favors for a destination wedding. I was intrigued. While the link was actually broke (whon, whon), I decided to take a look at other ideas.

This idea for an "I Spy" game is great for those wedding where children are invited. It keeps the kids occupied and having fun. And better yet, they get to document parts of your wedding that you might otherwise miss. Here's what you need for the "I Spy Scavenger Hunt":
  • The "I Spy" card for each kid who might be interested in playing the game (Martha offers a downloadable template here, but you can make a card of your own to customize it to your wedding)
  • A disposable camera
  • A pencil
  • A prize for the winner
How the game works:
Each kid will receive a card, a camera and a pencil (or, if you have a mixture of older and younger kids, try putting them in teams so the older kid can help direct the younger one). Have the children take photos of each item they "Spy" on the their printed list. The first child, or team, to complete all of the "I Spy" tasks, wins!

I think this a great idea for any event - not just a wedding. It would be great for a barbeque, Easter, Mother's Day event, a Fourth of July get-together, etc. Just customize the card to your event, and voila - you've got entertainment for the kids... and you'll get to see what they come up with for pictures of your big event!

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