Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Easter idea... love these cupcakes!

It's getting late, but I saw these Easter basket cupcakes on Family Fun and just had to share because they're SOOOOOO adorable... and look delicious! Click here to find more Easter ideas - from crafts, to desserts to printables - amongst a million other ideas!
What you'll need to make these cupcakes:

- 1 dozen cupcakes
- 1 bag of jelly beans
- 2 cups of white icing
- Sweetened coconut, colored with green food coloring

1. Frost each cupcake with your white icing. Create an arch with a pipe cleaner or piece of licorice and press into the sides of each cupcake.

2. Shake the shredded coconut in a bag, adding food coloring to get the color you desire. Mix vigorously. (I hate coconut... I wonder if I could substitute white chocolate shredded and dyed with green food coloring - would that work!?)

3. Place a pinch of your coconut on each cupcake. Add a few jellybeans to finish complete the nest.

4. Tie a piece of ribbon around your pipe cleaner to complete the look.

... Voila - your little edible Easter basket cupcakes are complete! Bring these to your Easter dinner and watch your family and friends indulge in your cute little Easter cupcake creation!

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  1. I love those little Easter basket cupcakes too! Maybe I can try to make them next year...