Monday, June 13, 2011

Real Photos: A Little Bit City, A Little Bit Country Engagement Session

I hope everyone had a great weekend - mine was spent up near the north shore at a wedding for a friend's little brother {it's so weird to see her younger brother get married, I kind of felt old!}.  The wedding ceremony and reception both took place in an old industrial building that includes both a restaurant and event area {obviously their wedding took place in the event area}.

So while we are on the topic of weddings, I have a coupe of meetings this upcoming week with my first "client" for a 2012 wedding {I put client in quotations because it's actually a friend of mine who's helping me with my branding and web site design, so we're exchanging services}.  She lives in Kansas but will be having her wedding here in Minnesota next June.  This Friday morning we'll be checking out and, hopefully, finalizing a ceremony location {we booked her reception location last month when she was in town}.  I'll also be along in attendance for her engagement photos, which are being taken by a friend of hers... which brings me to today's post.  She kind of mentioned what she was hoping her engagement photos would look like, which is urban, city photos with a touch of vintage.  While searching the 'net I came across these awesome high fashion photos from a Chicago engagement photo session, photographed by Miller+Miller.  I loved the bright colors of these photos, along with how different the locations were - the broken down car, the corn field, the field and streams, etc.  I don't know the couple, but I imagine these locations kind of showcase their lifestyle and personalities.

This looks like it should belong in a magazine
This one too

i just love the bold colors of this photo - the bright pink, green, yellow and black contrast. Awesome.

You can definitely tell this is a fun, playful couple

I really like the light of this photo

The photography duo {hubby and wife} did a fabulous job on these photos, and the couple did an awesome job, too!  As I mentioned above, I just love the difference in locations - from the country-like area to the urban, city streets.  To see more photos from this session, head over to the Miller+Miller blog.

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