Friday, June 24, 2011

Real Party: Heels to Wheels Baby Shower

I just love a unique themed party, it's just so refreshing, so when I came across this baby shower on Catch My Party, I bookmarked it for future reference, and to share with you, my readers!  I think I was so drawn to this party because I consider myself to be a city girl - I've always grown up near Minneapolis (though always living in a suburb), and I can't really ever see myself being able to move to the country (trust me, my parents live out in the boonies in Mississippi, and I know FOR SURE that's not the lifestyle for me... at least not at this point in time of my life).  However, with that said, I'd like to think of myself as a little bit country (you know, because I like country music, cowboy boots, horseback riding, barbecues, etc.)  Oh, and no worries, I'm not too offended if you real country folk are rolling your eyes at that last sentence! :)

Anyway, enough of my rambling and on to the reason for this post - the baby shower!  The theme for the shower was "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" because the mom to be was a city girl turned country girl.  An extra cool concept the hostesses added for this party was asking their guests to dress according to what they felt they were - a city girl or a country girl.  The decor included hay bales covered in quilts, cutouts of cowboy boots and black heels and a real pair of cowboy boots used as vases for some country-like flowers.  The hostess separated the food up into "city food" and "country food", as well as "city drinks" and "country drinks" - such a fun way to continue the theme into the food and drinks!

Some country girl seating!
simple decor - flowers in tin cans

City girl appetizers
country girl desserts
some caramel corn served in an old wood box - too cute!
country girl drinks

what country party would be complete with out mason jar drinking glasses?
one of my favorite details from the whole party!

This shower theme is great for hostesses on a budget, as most of the decor for this shower were items most country girls have laying around!  Head over to Catch My Party to view more photos from this cute shower!

Do you have some friends who were raised city girls but turned country?  How about country girls turned city girls - would the party have the same effect if the situations were switched around?  

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