Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: How to Incorporate Sports into your Wedding (without over doing it)

If you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you more than likely know that I'm a lover of baseball and football.  If you are, too, you're totally feeling my pain of having no sports to watch currently... or you're enjoying having you life back for a couple of months.  I think I'm a mixture of both at the moment.  As a couple, my boyfriend and I attend many Minnesota Twins games and watch our fair share of football - the Chicago Bears for him and the Minnesota Vikings for me... and then any other football teams playing on Sunday afternoon, night or Monday night. Yes, we're quite obsessed.

Anyway, I write this post because I came across a great article on The Knot titled "10 Subtly Sporty Wedding Ideas" and I think I've touched on all of them with my future dream wedding!


1. The Color Palette  - If you're both hardcore fans for one team, use their colors {baby blue and yellow for the San Diego Chargers or Milwaukee Brewers, navy and silver for the Cowboys, yellow and purple for the LA Lakers}. If you're fans of opposite teams, see if choosing one color from each teams color scheme would work well together - for example, you could use the navy blue from the Chicago Bears color scheme and the yellow from the Minnesota Vikings to create a gorgeous color palette of navy and yellow
2. Hidden Accessories - cuff links, socks, garter
3. The Favors - what comes to mind when you attend a sporting event? or the sport that you're incorporating into your theme? The food? The equipment? Use these ideas for your favors! {example: a box of cracker jacks with a cute custom tag would work well for a baseball themed wedding}
4. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties - I love the idea of custom baseball shirts for your bachelorette party; custom jerseys for all the guys at the bachelor parties; attending a game
5. The Rehearsal Dinner - Rehearsal dinners don't have to be stuffy and boring!  Have fun at a sports bar, outdoor park playing lawn games, at a bowling alley, etc.
6. The Invitations or Save the Dates - think sports tickets... or incorporating the sports theme into your invitations subtly
7. The Groom's Cake  - How fun would it be to have an over-the-top grooms cake for your hubby-to-be?
8. The Guestbook - have guests sign a football, baseball or bat, soccer ball, bowling pins, jersey - the ideas are endless!
9. The Wedding Party Photos - head to a venue or park that allow you and your wedding party to take photos that look like you're playing the game {or better yet - actually do it! Play a game of touch football, toss around a baseball, kick around a soccer ball}  Your photos will turn out so fun!
10. The Centerpieces - Incorporate the sport into your centerpieces - use baseballs or golf balls in the vases, trophies instead of a traditional vase, bowling pins as vases, etc.

To view the whole article and more ideas from The Knot for a sports themed wedding, click here.

What are your thoughts about sports-themed wedding?  Would you have one?  If you were asked to assist in the planning of a sports-themed wedding, what do you envision the day to look like?

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  1. Love the idea and having a vintage baseball themed wedding this June at The Ultimate Skybox.