Friday, February 11, 2011

Real Party: Baby B's Baptism

Many of you know my niece was born on New Year's Day - yep, she's a New Year's baby and I couldn't be any more smitten with her {I just think of how much fun she'll have celebrating her birthdays when she's older... everyone will definitely want to party with her on her big day!}.  Anyway, my sister and brother-in-law just set the date of her Baptism as April 17th - and guess who the Godmother is. THIS GIRL!  The pressure right? Nah, just joking - I'm in baby heaven just thinking about being that little cuties Godmother!  But there is tons of pressure to make sure she has one bangin' Baptism that she can look back on and show all her friends when she's older! :) (OK - so the pressure is just from myself... I don't think anyone else really cares if she has a bangin' Baptism like I do!)

With all that said, I've been on the search for some Baptism inspiration, because I have no recollection of ever attending a Baptism reception/lunch.  I mean, I attended my own, but let's be real here, I was like a month old - I don't remember if the cake looked good or the color scheme meshed well - which I'm willing to make a bet it didn't! :)  And this is my first niece - we've never had to throw a post-Baptism get together.  (and let me say - I know this day is supposed to be about a child entering into God's kingdom and what not, but let's let my niece do it up in style! I must promise myself (and probably my mom and sister that the message of the day doesn't get lost in the party planning.  I may only need a couple reminders of that though!)

OK - back to the point of looking for Baptism inspiration - um... there's just not that much out there that screams "Hey! I wanted this Baptism to be bangin'!"  But I did come across a couple that I wanted to share.  That's where today's party comes from - Jackie Fo's adorable pink Baptism for her niece (hey, we've got something in common here!).  The little details of this party were perfect and not too over-the-top - just how a Baptism celebration should be!  Jackie used lots of pink and lots of accents with the letter B (for her niece's name, Brooke).  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have - and that it inspires you for your next Baptism celebration!

I just love the little flower detailing of this cake!
Great drink station set up with custom water bottle and wine labels with the guest of honors initial
I love how she displayed photos of her niece throughout the the party! Very cute touch!
Love these!  I wish we could do something cute like this for my niece's Baptism, but hers is taking place during regular church hours
Little details like this DIY wreath always make BIG impact on parties... and welcome your guest before they're even in the door
Gorgeous flower arrangements!  Such an elegant touch for such a special day!

Are you just super impressed with Jackie's knack for throwing together an adorably bangin' Baptism?? I know I am!  Be sure to head over to her blog to view more photos and read more about the day!

If you have any Baptism parties that you just love and adore, please feel free to send them to us!  We're constantly scouring the blog world for real parties to feature - and we would love to feature yours!  Plus - I always love some good inspiration!  Send an email to info{at}

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  1. Aww - thanks so much for featuring my baptism! I adore my niece, she just turned 1!!! You will have such a great time with her :) Congrats!