Sunday, September 26, 2010

Real Party: Pink and Yellow 2nd Birthday Party

I'm in the midst of planning two baby showers right now for November - one for my sister and one for a best friend from college, and I think the hardest part so far has been figuring out a theme that matches the personality of each mom-to-be.  I think I've got it all figured out, though!  My friend is having twins and isn't finding out the sex of the babies so I'm doing a navy blue and pink theme.  My sister found out she's having a girl and has a color palette of pastel pink, green and yellow planned for her nursery, so I thought a pastel-y pink and yellow would be a good color combination.

I'm an avid follower of the blog A Blissful Nest, and when she posted about the party she threw for her daughter's 2nd birthday, with a theme of pink and yellow (and butterflies), I knew I had to save it as inspiration... and to show it off to my wonderful readers who may have not seen it already!  This is a great party to draw inspiration from for my sister's pink and yellow shower... however, I'll have to tone the pink down a bit since she's not a fan of bright pink!

How adorable is this dessert table.  I love the fabric and bows for the table cloth!

A closer look at the dessert table

Pretty flower arrangement

The beautiful and delicious looking cake

A close up of some of the dessert table goodies

How cute are these cookies?!

Dressing up straws is a great way to keep your parties theme rolling throughout the entire party

Favor table.  Too adorable!

Cute frame and note about favors for the Lauren's guests

How cute are these favor boxes?

Cute butterfly catchers

How pretty does this flower wreath with L monogram?

Adorable custom printables made by Rebekah for A Blissful Nest

The cute little birthday girl... loving that tutu!!

For more detail and photos from this great party, head over to the A Blissful Nest blog!  She has a ton of party inspiration and ideas on her blog!  

What are you favorite ideas for a baby shower?


  1. Thank you sweetie for the wonderful feature!!

  2. Hello,
    I love the dessert table and flower arrangements,thanks for sharing your blog.

  3. Hi Cammi, just followed your blog for you - nice to 'meet' you! I found you via a blissful nest facebook page!! It was a lovely party hey? WIshing you all the best in your new career (being self employed is not all it's cracked up to be...) and hoping your etsy store goes well - you have great stuff so it should. For a baby shower, I'm a fan of silly grown-up games like relay race for changing baby (doll) nappies (diapers), how many miniature bibs (or other baby clothes) you can take down from a clothes line using one hand only while holding a baby doll on your hip, 'pin the pacifier on the baby' (like pin the tail on the donkey), handbag (purse) bingo is good too - ie, all the ladies hold their purse on their laps while someone calls out items in a handbag (for maximum effect do a combination of new mum and non-mum items, eg nursing pads, lipstick, compact, business card, soft toy, snack in a tupperware container, pen, mobile phone, squished banana, a photo, tissues/hanky, even feminine hygiene products). If a lady has the item she has to be the 1st to hold that item up in the air and call out 'bingo'. The first lady to have 8 items wins. Hope this helps. Come visit me @ Jane:)