Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bridal Shower DIY: Towel Cake

A few weeks ago I attended the bridal shower for my best friend from high school, whose wedding I'm in tomorrow, actually!  Because she had a smaller registry, I wanted to get her something different than just the ordinary toaster, blender and cookie sheets (besides, those aren't as fun to buy anyway!).  I wracked my brain for ideas (along with the internet) and came up with what I was going to do - make her a towel cake.  After figuring out the colors of her bathroom (she told me it was Pittsburgh Steelers colors - which if you aren't a fan of Football, they're black and yellow... which is one of my favorite color combos!). I set out to buy the necessary items - bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths and ribbon.  I added in some coasters with the initial of her soon-to-be last name, some linen spray in different scents and some room freshener.

Finished towel cake including accessories

Towel cakes are super easy to make!  I totally didn't think to take step-by-step pictures, so hopefully my instructions are understandable (if not, there's some videos online to check out!)

What you'll need:

- 2 bath towels
- 2 hand towels
- 2 wash cloths
- safety pins
- ribbon that coordinates with your color scheme

How to create each layer:
Largest layer: 
1. Fold each bath towel in thirds.  Then fold in half.  
2. Connect end of one towel to end of the other towel, use safety pin to keep two connected.
3. Starting at one end, carefully roll the towel as tightly as possible, making sure the top and bottom are level.
4. Now you can either: a) safety pin towel together and tie ribbon around towel roll   or   b) simply tie ribbon around towel roll sans safety pin.

Middle and top layers:
1. Fold each hand and bath towel in half.  Then fold in half again.
2. Repeat steps 2-4 above.

Once the layers are complete, accessories with any extras you'd like!

Have you ever made a towel cake?  Looking to make one?  Stop by and show it off... I'd love to see how it turned out!

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  1. I made one last year! It was a HIT at the shower. Yours looks great. I used a dowel to support the layers together.