Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Real Wedding: Arizona Vintage

I wanted to start a new thing on the CK Events blog - Wedding Wednesday!  I try to mix-up the topics and parties of CK Events, so I thought Wedding Wednesday would give me a good outlet for showing the gorgeous weddings that inspire me and an event designer.  I have featured a few weddings in the past, so I think having a set day will allow you, my followers, to gauge a day for weddings!

Today's inaugural Wedding Wednesday post is just beautiful (if you're a follower on Facebook, you may have seen the the link for this wedding last night... one of the advantages of be a Facebook follower!)  I came across this wedding on The Wedding Wire blog and my jaw almost hit the floor.  First, let me say I'm in love with the brides stunning dress, and secondly, I think she accomplished the look she was going for - timeless and not too trendy (although, if I get married, I'd follow on with this trend! :))

How gorgeous is that dress?!?! Ugh... I want!

To read more about this wedding from the bride, head over to The Wedding Wire blog for more details! While you're there, stay and check out some of the other real weddings, wedding tips, inspirations and trends the Wedding Wire has to offer!  You can't be disappointed with that site!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Wedding Wednesday!  If you have a wedding that's inspired you - or perhaps that you've assisted in planning - please email CK Events.  We'd love to feature your work!

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