Saturday, June 12, 2010

Adorable cupcakes for a baby shower

Flickr has some amazing photos from parties on there. While gradually looking for inspiration for my sister's baby shower, I searched for cupcakes. Below is some that I'm keeping as inspiration.

I came across these photos of cupcakes that would be perfect for any baby shower (especially the one I'm throwing for my sister in a few months)! I love the little pacifier's - they're so adorable! Both the small pacifier's and the embossed baby carriage "coins" are made of fondant.


What about a little onesie? I love the sparkle on these.

I liked these next ones because they don't involve using fondant - which means they're actually cupcakes I might be able to make!

Here's some super cute baby face cupcakes!!! I love the details - rosy cheeks, nose, ears, eyes - and of course the little hats!

Have you made or seen some baby shower cupcakes that just "wow" you? I'd love to see them!

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