Wednesday, June 2, 2010

mmmm... Fruit!

So, whaddya know - I come back from vacation and what happens - I've gained a couple of pounds! Ugh! So while I'm making myself get into the gym, I've also decided to try eating healthier... after all, you know that delicious produce is in season and ever-so juicy and delicious!

To make sure I start eating healthier, tonight I cut up a pineapple and strawberries and picked some grapes. What a good afternoon snack for tomorrow at work (instead of my Swedish Fish candies that I've become so obsessed with lately...) I also cut up some celery and threw it in a baggie with some carrots. Nothing like MAKING yourself eat healthier after putting the time in cutting it all up, right?!

Any-who, I saw these delicious fruit kabobs online. Don't they look tasty! I think I'm going to try these babies out when we head to the cabin we rented in a couple of weekends - what do you think?

I thought the watermelon in the shape of hearts was soo cute! I'd really like to try making those cute flowers that you see in the Edible Arrangement fruit gifts! You know, the ones with the pineapple shaped like the petals and a cantaloupe round for the middle. The fruit used for these kabobs included red seedless grapes, cut pineapple, a clementine orange, strawberries and watermelon.

Do you have some recipes that would be great for a cabin weekend? I'd love to hear them and surprise our friends who are joining us!

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