Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wow - another amazing DIY Valentine's idea

Oh, boy! Seriously... how am I ever going to choose what to make and give to the boy for Valentine's day when all these super cute, super creative DIY projects keep showing up in everyone's blogs?! Here's another blog I stumbled upon, Nap Time Journal, which featured this awesome idea of filling clear soda bottles with a variety of snacks and candies. The ideas for creativity on this are endless - from choosing which snacks you would like to give to the decoration of the bottles and cardboard bottle carrier.

Becca, from the Nap Time Journal, created little tags that had cute sayings on them to place around each bottle neck, along with decorating the outside of the cardboard carrier. This gift is seriously inexpensive and easy to make - perfect for a last minute gift for that person who's not the easiest to shop for on Valentine's Day!

***BONUS IDEA** Are you attending a Super Bowl party this weekend? What a great "hostess" gift or favor idea! Customize the decorations on the bottles to support which team you're cheering for - and hey! - extra party snacks never hurt anyone!

For more instructions on how to make these adorable gifts, click here.