Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Adult PJ Party Inspiration Board - Bring your party slippers!

orange and pink lanterns: ebay, Orange rose centerpiece: the knot, Pink sweats: Victoria Secret, Pink flowers with oranges in vase: DISboards, Candy Buffet: Love-Sweet-Love blog, Cupcakes: Simply Sweets blog, Pink cocktail: Cointreau

My cousin (who's also my best friend), is turning 25 this year and asked me to plan a little party for her. After we talked through a couple of different ideas, we came up with the idea of an all girls adult PJ party! She let me loose to come up with ideas for decor, food, events, etc. Because her birthday is the beginning of March, and it always seems that we get our worst snow storms during that time, I thought that bright colors were great to get us in a spring-like mood - plus, what fun would a PJ party be with drab colors? I've really been in love with the pink, orange and white theme so I choose to base the party around those colors.

- Pink and Orange Girls Only Adult PJ Party - Bring your drinking slippers (and of course a sleeping bag and pillow... we need to be responsible here!)

- I love the look for those circle paper lanterns that you can pretty much hang from anywhere... not to mention they're not too expensive.
- I'm thinking pink and orange table cloths, pink and orange themed paper plates, silverware, cups, napkins, etc.
- Centerpieces could be square vases filled with cheaper flowers (we're not rich here!). I love the vase that has orange slices placed around the outside of the clear vase in the inspiration board above - how cute!
- Displaying our favorite girly quotes from movies, books and famous women around the kitchen and living room will definitely give it a more girly feel (as if the hot pink and bright orange aren't enough, right?!)

- I LOVE candy buffets - I think they're such an awesome and fun focal point for a any party or event. I'd like to add some healthier options as well, though - such bowls of colorful fruit and veggies. I love the idea of cutting the fruit into various shapes rather than the traditional cubes, such as hearts, stars, etc.
- My cousin wanted to have fondue pots, so pink marshmallows, pretzels, rice krispie
treats, poundcake, fruit (mentioned above), etc. (any great ideas readers?!?!) She wants cheese as well, so bread, peppers, meats, etc. (any other ideas for the cheese?!?!)
- Dips and other easy finger foods and dishes - more ideas to come!
- Plenty of cocktails and other beverages, including cosmos, orange soda, pink lemonade (spiked with vodka, anyone?!) mimosas, etc.

- I thought it would be fun for everyone to bring a bottle of wine and to do a "blind" taste-test. By blind, I mean covering the label of each bottle and having each guest sample and rate which wine was the best. The guest who brought the bottle of wine with the most votes receives a "prize".
- We LOVE our board games - so games such as Catchphrase, Apples to Apples, Scattergories and cards are a definite essential!
- As the night winds down, ending the evening with girly movies. Judging by how our nights usually seem to end, "falling asleep" to these movies is probably more accurate.

Favor ideas:
- Candy goody bags
- Homemade candles (in shot glasses?!)
- Personalized wine glass charms

Those are the quick ideas I've come up with. Overall, I think this party could be a great success without having to spend too much money. A lot of this items needed can be picked up at a dollar store or at places like Target or Wal-mart. Some of the items are traditional household items, so purchasing them won't be necessary.

If you have other ideas that would make this party POP, leave a comment! There's always ideas out there that could make any party better!


  1. What a great idea! I love the picture of the flowers and the oranges in the vase.

  2. Sounds like a great party idea and should be lots of fun...thanks for becoming a follower...I am following your blog too!

  3. Love the orange and pink! Great idea to have healthier options at the "candy bar". How fun!

  4. thanks for posting a comment on my blog...I am glad you did, I just found your blog through your comment!
    I love it and will check back for some inspiration!


  5. For the cheese you could also add in veggies! Carrots and brocolli would be yummy with cheese!......After reading about this event so much I'm wishing that I could come too!