Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PJ Party Sneak-Peek!

I thought I would give you all a sneak-peek into the party I'm putting together for my cousin's 25th birthday PJ Party. Here is the invite I created for the party. These colors aren't showing up how they really appear on the invite - not sure why! "Chelsie's" and "Slumber Party" are both in the same pink color as the "you're invited!". Because we're cutting it so close to the party date, we decided to just put this as an event on Facebook. I'll continue with the bright pink, bright orange and white color scheme throughout the party, along with the use of martini glasses - I think they're so cute to use in decorating!

I'll keep adding more sneak-peeks as they are ready! Enjoy!


  1. fun!!! i am sure she'll love it... can't wait to see more...

  2. What an awesome idea for a 25th birthday party! ....Everyone loves and secretly misses sleepovers!.....I bet it will turn out so cute!