Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real Parties: Housewarming Brunch

My boyfriend and I moved into our house almost a year and a half ago and before we moved I was planning in my head the housewarming party we would host at our first home.... I imagined what the invites would look like, who we would invite, what kind of food and drinks we would serve and what kinds of things we would do for fun.  Sadly, we moved in right in the beginning of wedding season, and almost every single weekend was consumed by bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings or something pre-planned with family or friends... and my housewarming party never happened.

Now, why am I tell you all of this about a housewarming party that I never planned?  Well because I'm pretty envious of how fabulous this Housewarming Brunch, featured on Hostess With the Mostess, turned out.  My housewarming party would have been nothing like this - we're not morning people at all... and we love to party it up at night - but the concept of this party is amazing!  I love everything about it - from the food choices to the color scheme {which is very fitting for the theme}.

Seriously, how cute is this theme!  The various brunch stations were super creative - a waffle station, a cereal bar, an egg and toast station and a mimosa bar.  I also love the "donut be a stranger" favors.  Head over to the post on Hostess With the Mostess to read more about the planning of this party and more photos.

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