Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY: Diaper Motorcycle

Back in May I attended (and helped host) a baby shower for my boyfriends brother's girlfriend, Shawna.  The shower was on the smaller side with about 10 guests, most of which were older women {grandma's, aunts, grandma-to-be's friends... plus a few cousins who are having kids of their own. And me.}.  Because the shower was being hosted at my boyfriend's cousin's house, with most of the guests from out of town, we didn't do much decorating {gasp, I know!}.  With that in mind, I wanted to make something super cute as a centerpiece and focal point for the party - so I found some directions here for a Diaper Motorcycle.  I chose to make this as part of my gift for Shawna for two reasons - 1. The daddy-to-be is head over heels {literally} in love with BMX biking {and he's really good at it!} and 2. They were going with a monkey theme for their nursery {perfect for a BMX biker's kid, right?}.

This was actually quite easy to make... you just have to have patience!  I will give a quick overview of what I used to make my diaper bike, but please head over to the web site I used for more detailed instructions and photos.


- 2 cloth bibs {you don't want plastic or they won't form to the wheels like a hubcap}
- 3 receiving blankets {I used 2 blankets to connect the wheels and a burp rag for
  the handle bars}
- 1 4-oz bottle
- 1 wash cloth
- 1 stuffed animal
- 1" ribbon {used to wrap wheels when complete}
- Linking rings {you can find these in the toy aisle of Target, Walmart or at Toys R Us
  I'm sure}
- Diapers {this is where it gets tricky.  The site told me to use 70, but they used size
  2 diapers.  I ended up using 36 because I was using size 1-2... it just scaled down
  the size a bit, which worked with my stuffed animal, anyway}
- Additional toys/clothes that you want to add to it {the site said to use socks as
  part of the handle bars, I actually bought some wrist rattles and used those
- Rubber bands

I was going to bring your through step-by-step instructions, but because I don't have a visual to show you for each step, and because I think the web site does a great job detailing what to do, I suggest you take a look there. 

Have you made a diaper motorcycle before?  How about other types of diaper cakes or items as a gift or decor for a baby shower?  We would love for you to share them with us!

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