Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Wedding: Spring into a Morning Wedding

I love when a couple does something different for their wedding than what's considered "traditional" - whether it be with the theme they choose, a different style of attire or a different type of location.  This couples wedding was unique because they chose to have it in the morning, with an intimate "reception" that included an omelet bar (one of my favorite parts of the wedding).  Jill Thomas Photography did a phenomenal job photographing this couples special day - I suppose to helps to have such an attractive couple to work with and that sweet glow of the morning sun.

I just adore these shoes!

Don't you just love the robes for the bridal party - such a great gift to give your girls who were there to help you celebrate your big day!

The groom and his guys getting ready for the wedding in the attic

I love the romance of these flowers!
Probably my favorite photo of the group!  I love how you feel like you're sneaking a peek of the couple - who look so happy and in love!
I just love the photo of the tree - so old and sturdy looking.  Perfect symbolism for a wedding!

Great simplistic, yet quite feminine, bridesmaid dresses

As I mentioned above, this has to be one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding - such a cool idea, one their guests I'm sure haven't seen at a wedding before!
With such an intimate brunch, using a muffin as the place setting is absolutely perfect!

What feminine wedding would be complete without an Aubrey Hepburn quote? And of course, chocolate cake!

To view more stunning photos from this gorgeous wedding, and the vendor credits, head over to Jill Thomas Photography's blog.  

Although each wedding is unique, because no two couples are the same, what memories do you have of a wedding that you found to be so different from other weddings you have attended?

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