Friday, April 1, 2011

Recipe Love: Cupcake Poppers

When you take a look at these awesome cupcake poppers, what's the first thing you think of??

Yep - they look just like macaroons!  LOVE!  I came across these little gems from Tablespoon via The Sweet Life blog and just had to share!  I totally want to try these for a party.  To be honest, these little cupcakes seem to be 10 times easer to make than macaroons... and sound a bit tastier (OK, I've never tasted a macaroon, but I must admit... I'm a LOVER of cupcakes!).  Head over to Tablespoon to print off this super easy to make for your next party (or Easter dessert)!


  1. This looks AWESOME!! I am going to feature this on my next spring/easter round up!