Sunday, November 21, 2010

Teressa's Navy and Pink Baby Shower - the details

The shower I co-hosted for my good friend from college went great this past Saturday - much more laid back and less hectic than my sister's shower last Saturday... but I think that has something to do with the weather and a smaller guest list.

My other friend from college, Kelsey is starting her own photography business and took some photos of the shower for me - I can't wait to see them!  You can check out more of her great work here, at Kelsey Ann Photography.

While I don't have any of the photos yet, I wanted to give some details of the shower... with the pictures to follow!

Teressa {the guest of honor and momma-to-be of twin babies} wanted a friends only shower to avoid an event getting too big {after last weeks shower for my sister, I totally understand this!}, so she invited around 17 people and we had 10 or 11 people in attendance.  Because she isn't finding out the sex of the babies {she has way more will power than I would if I were pregnant with twins}, I wanted to go with a theme that matched colors for both a boy and a girl, so we went with dark navy blue and a fuchsia/hot pink - I think she's having a boy and a girl, so I think the colors worked great! :)  I'll post photos soon of the invite and envelope I sent out... it may be one of my favorite creations so far!

The shower started at two and after some mingling and chatting, we started the games.  We played three different games - the first was a bottle game where every guest was given a bottle filled with 4 oz of lemonade and they had to drink it the fastest (through the nipple mind you).  The game was hilarious to watch... and I honestly never realized how hard it was to drink out of a bottle... especially with sweet lemonade (note to self, lemonade hurts the jaw when sucking it through a bottle).  The next game we played was a quick game of The Price is Right.  My co-host, Tanya, picked up a bunch of essentials for babies and mom, and each guest had to guess the total cost of the everything - the mom-to-be was quite fooled by the cost, as she quested more than $20 below the actual cost of the items!  Our last game was a relay game involving a clothesline.  Each guest was given a teddy bear to hold on their hip while they took onesies, bibs and socks down from a clothesline and dropped it in a laundry basket on the floor - the variance in time was crazy!

After all of the games everyone filled up on lunch and dessert.  Tanya brought all the food for lunch and I made all of the desserts.  For lunch, Tanya made pulled pork sandwiches (they were so delicious!), chips, vegetables, a pasta salad and I made a jello salad.  For desserts, I made vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting, pink rice krispy bars and brownies. I dyed the cupcake frosting and rice krispy bars pink because I didn't think anyone would want to eat a blue dyed cupcake - can you imagine how that'd temporarily dye your teeth!?  Guests were also asked to fill out a "wishes for the babies" card for Teressa to keep as a memory.

The last part of the shower was reserved for the opening of gifts!  Teressa received a lot of fun stuff - including plenty of toys, which made her husband extremely happy!  She also received a lot of diapers (she's going to need them with twins!), some clothing, and other essentials for the babies.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the shower!  Like I mentioned, there are photos coming, so you can put an image to the novel I just wrote!  I will leave you with one my favorite maternity photos of the mom and dad to be, taken by Kelsey Ann Photography.

Aren't they too cute!  I think this photo should be an ad that is in a pregnancy magazine!

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