Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Christmas Idea

Last week I was sitting at the car shop waiting for my car to get finished when I came across this super cute idea for a homemade Christmas gift.  I thought this would be a perfect gift idea for a teacher, hairstylist, grandparents, neighbor or as a hostess gift {honestly, you could give it to anyone!}.


Who doesn't love hot chocolate on a cold winter's day??  Why not pair some yummy hot chocolate with these yummy chocolate dipped marshmallows??  These 'mallows are such a fun spin on the traditional dipped marshmallows you see around party land.  To make these sweet treats, simply insert a straw into a marshmallow and dip into melted chocolate.  Let the chocolate "cool" a little, then dip into red sprinkles while chocolate is still slightly soft.  Your gift recipient will love having chocolate marshmallows mixed in with their drink... and a straw to drink it with!
**Another cute idea, instead of a straw use a peppermint stick - nothing better than peppermint flavored hot chocolate!**

While your marshmallows are cooling, why not make some homemade hot chocolate mix to go with your chocolate dipped marshmallows?  Better Homes and Gardens provides a great recipe to create your own hot chocolate mix.  All you have to do is package all the goodies together and your friends and family are bound to think you're the sweetest thing since, well, your sweet Christmas gift! :)

What are you favorite homemade Christmas gifts to make??

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