Sunday, May 23, 2010

Special gifts for the men in your life

Father's day is just around the corner and you've got enough time to make the special man (or men...) in your life something great for their day. Here are a few ideas that I love!

If your dad (or hubby) loves to keep all his toys and vehicles clean, then this is a great DIY Father's Day gift! How easy it is, too! Simply buy a nice galvanized bucket, some soap, cloths, sponges, wax, etc and you're on your way to an amazing looking (and inexpensive!) gift for that man in your life! {Source: Martha Stewart}

Does your man LOVE grilling?! Why not make him a variety of meat rubs?! Something he can use on his steaks, burgers, pork chops, etc? Create a cute little take and attach to some mason jars for a unique gift. {Source: Martha Stewart}

I thought this was a cute idea for a gift to a dad from a younger child. My dad drove a semi-truck for years, what a great idea for him to store some much needed supplies (although, I'm sure the things he needed would only be found in some specialty store!) Find a "manly" looking box and throw in some much needed necessities! {Source: Martha Stewart}

I just thought these were too cute! I'd definitely make up some of these cute labels to send my dad's way for Father's Day! {Source: Martha Stewart}

Does your hubby and kids spend a lot of time at the ball game or football games? Showcase it in a picture frame that he can show of to his coworkers or friends! Let your little man (or girl) decorate and personalize it to make it even more special. {Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Loved this cute little toolbox! Another great gift to dad from the kiddo's! {Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Perfect for the fisherman in your life! Have a grandpa that loves to fish? How cute would this be from his grandkids? It's a fishing lure box - perfect for storing those "age old" lures that helped him catch "the big one"! {Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

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