Monday, May 31, 2010

Real Party - Fore-TEE-ith Birthday Party

Every see a party and you're just like, OMG, I just have to share this!! That's what I thought when I saw this party created by Couture Parties. It's a golf themed Surprise 40th Birthday party, or fore-TEE-ith.

If you haven't checked out Couture Parties blog before, I strongly suggest you do - she offers some amazing party ideas!

How cute are these centerpieces shaped like golf tees? I love the moss laid underneath!

Super cute food toppers!!

These were the favors - golf tees with chocolate candies wrapped like golf balls, in addition to some Easter grass thrown in. Very clever! :)

Each table was named after the birthday boys favorite golf courses around the country.

Close-up of the table cards.

A view of the table - I love the idea of placing golf balls in a round glass bowl!

Wider view of the table

Grass makes for an eye-catching, yet inexpensive, way to decorate your parties. It looks pretty, too!

The cake! Super cute! I'd hate to be the person who got all that frosting from the golf ball, though! :)

To see more photos and find out the details of this party, head over to Couture Parties!

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